What to Look for in a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a janitorial company to help you with your cleaning needs might be one of the best decisions you can make for your household or business’s health, well-being, and bottom line. However, not all cleaning companies will be worth the fee. You should expect certain things from your professional cleaning service to get the most value for what you pay.

A professional janitor service worth keeping around long-term will display several discernable qualities and service aspects, and we’ll discuss them throughout this blog. Continue reading for a guidebook on what to look for when hiring a professional cleaner.

Provides Helpful Answers to Questions

An excellent janitor is highly communicative with their clients. Easy communication is definitely something you want because you’ll be interacting with your janitors on a daily or weekly basis.

The right cleaning team won’t be afraid to answer questions before and during your service. Any client question should be well within the janitor’s knowledge base. Not only that, but they should be accommodating in answering the question and try to explain the answer in helpful terms.

Has a Detailed Consultation Process

You should expect the janitorial professionals you’re working with to set up a consultation process at the outset of your services. Sitting down and discussing your cleaning needs is critical to receiving a satisfying and thorough cleaning service. Throughout the consultation, you should expect them to guide the conversation in productive directions that result in you getting the tailored cleaning service you need.

Your business or home deserves nothing but the best. Your aim should be to work with a team that understands your needs and can meet them.

Is Open to Making Changes

Once your janitors are working with you regularly, you should expect to see a pattern in their cleaning. A good janitor is predictable, follows a predictable and thorough process, and operates like clockwork every day they’re on the job.

While maintaining a routine is crucial, you should expect your janitors to be open to your wishes and willing to adapt upon a moment’s notice.

Comes Prepared to the Work Site

Perhaps the most effective indicator of whether a janitorial service is the right one for you is whether they show up adequately equipped for the job or not.

The materials a janitor uses are tantamount to their ability to clean properly. In short, the right tools = the right clean. Good janitors understand the importance of preparation and will bring the products and cleaning materials necessary for your space.

Brings Appropriate Staff for the Job

An effective janitorial service will understand the appropriate dispatch of their cleaning powers. A good janitorial service will know that their clients don’t want cleaners always underfoot and will delegate tasks appropriately.

To provide swift service, appropriate staffing is critical. There will be multiple cleaners for larger spaces, and where one cleaner will suffice, you should expect no more than that.

Uses Effective, Logical Cleaning Methods

There are right ways to clean things, and there are wrong ways. When an inexperienced cleaner is in charge, inefficient cleaning will probably be the standard.

When you hire a professional like J & J Janitor Service, you should expect total proficiency in cleaning. An experienced cleaner will clean in a logical order, to the point of mopping their footsteps out of the room on the way out.

Maintains Professional Conduct

Professionalism is a big key to success. You should expect the cleaning team you’ve hired to be polite, knowledgeable, and respectful of your space while in it.

Cleans Touch Points and High Traffic Zones

Your janitorial team should understand the concept of high-traffic areas and touchpoints. These are areas in spaces that are interacted with more than others and can collect more dirt and bacteria.

These areas might include:

  • Doorknobs
  • Door handles
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Faucets/sinks
  • Toilets
  • Keyboards

These should all be cleaned carefully throughout every session—it’s janitorial cleaning 101. You should expect all high-traffic touchpoints to be well-cleaned every day.

Has the Right Tools for the Job

Because most janitorial companies will be visiting multiple sites daily, each space they clean will have different needs and require various equipment to attain a perfectly sterile result.

Your janitors should be prepared with tools aligned with the specifications outlined throughout the consultation and the initial period of familiarization with your space.

Follows Proper Cleaning Protocols

You should expect the janitor you hire to adhere to cleaning protocols just as seriously as a construction firm takes its safety protocols.

There are many dos and don’t of cleaning. The cleaning company you hire should stay strictly within the ‘dos’ column.

Excels at Glass and Mirrors

Consider the glass on your property the litmus test for the quality of the cleaner that you’ve hired. Check your mirrors and windows because that’s where you’ll see clearly whether you’ve hired a competent cleaner or not.

You should expect all your glass to be spotless unless otherwise discussed—especially your mirrors. Look for streaks and water stains. You may need to hold out for a better team if you spot them.

Expect the janitors you work with to understand and take the quality of their cleaning seriously. The way they clean your glass surfaces will be an indicator of this.

Goes the Extra Mile

You’ll want the janitorial team that works for you to understand the importance of their employment with you and be willing to exercise their judgment on the job to go the extra mile for you. You should expect to see this being done in many ways:

  • Are they cleaning to your exact specifications regularly?
  • Are there areas where your janitors are performing even more rigorously than discussed in your initial meetings?
  • Are they cleaning your space faster with consistent results?

These are a few examples of how the right janitorial staff will perform for you.


In conclusion, the right janitorial staff is prepared, adept, and willing to be flexible. They’ll be a team that listens to your needs and delivers on them consistently and without question.

The service a janitorial team performs is providing safe, spotless spaces, and no company does that better than J & J Janitor Service. As a locally preferred, experienced janitorial company, we’re confident we fit all the criteria mentioned in this post.

To find out if we’re the right cleaning crew for you, please give us a call at your convenience and schedule a consultation.