If you have been neglecting some of your cleaning responsibilities, then springtime is a great time to deep clean your property. With the warmer weather approaching, it is a great opportunity to take care of the tasks that you have been meaning to get around to.

Whether you hire a professional janitorial company or take on your cleaning duties yourself, this blog post will cover some of the areas of your business that you should be focusing on with your spring cleaning.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

It’s no secret that carpet floors can trap a lot of dirt and dust, especially if your building receives heavy foot traffic. With this in mind, it is always a good idea to have your carpets deep cleaned on an annual basis.

Even if you vacuum your carpets regularly, deep cleaning can get rid of the stubborn dirt that is trapped in the fibers. It will also help you remove allergens that are stuck in your carpets. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company or renting steam cleaning equipment will provide you with fresh carpets for the upcoming year and help extend the lifespan of your floors.

Scrub Your Floors

In addition to carpet cleaning, you should also take the time to deep clean your floors. Whether they are hardwood, vinyl, or laminate, your floors will benefit from a thorough cleaning once in a while. Take the time to clean any areas that are out of sight or hard to reach, as these spots tend to collect more dust over the year.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Another important cleaning duty for your commercial floors is making sure they are protected for the upcoming year. With annual stripping and waxing, you will provide your floors with a strong barrier against all many types of damage. This will help you prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your floors and ensure that they always look shiny and presentable.

Sanitize Everything

Now more than ever, business owners understand the importance of keeping their workplaces clean and sanitary. Spring cleaning is an ideal opportunity to completely disinfect your property. Not only will this ensure that your business looks its best, but it will also decrease the opportunity for bacteria to spread between your employees and customers.

Clean Your Furniture

Chairs, tables, and shelves tend to be areas of businesses that get overlooked during routine upkeep. With this in mind, it is a good idea to include them in your deep cleaning process. Cleaning your upholstery, wiping down surfaces, and getting underneath your furniture will help you get rid of dirt, stains, and stubborn odors.

Dusting Out of Reach Areas

Even if your property is dusted on a regular basis, there are still likely places that need attention. High places, such as light fixtures and the tops of windows, are typically not covered with everyday cleaning. Therefore, it is a good idea to break out the ladder or hire a professional janitorial company to provide you with comprehensive dusting.

Declutter Your Office

Things tend to pile up on desks over the year, but spring cleaning is the perfect time to downsize. Take a moment to consider what you need to perform your job, and then file or throw away anything that doesn’t need to be in your direct workspace.

You may be surprised by how much a cluttered desk can affect your focus. By taking the time to reorganize your office, you can get a fresh start on your productivity for the rest of the year.

Clean the Exterior of Your Windows

Although window washing may be a part of your regular cleaning routine, there are still likely areas that are not always included in the process. Take the time to clean the outside facing glass of your windows, as well as any hard-to-reach areas. This will help you ensure that your glass looks clear and presentable for the upcoming year.

Pressure Wash Your Hard Surfaces

Your high-traffic outdoor areas will most certainly collect grime and other unsightly buildups over the course of the year. That being said, you can get rid of stains and organic matter with a professional power washing service. By spraying down the outside of your business, you can eliminate any ugly markings and keep your building looking its best.

Clean Your HVAC System

Dust, pollen, and other allergens tend to get trapped in your ducts over time. This means that regular deep cleaning can help you improve your air quality and maintain a healthy work environment. Bringing in a professional company to clean your ducts and replace filters can provide a noticeable improvement to your work environment, so do not underestimate the importance of HVAC cleaning.

Complete Any Necessary Repairs

While assessing and inspecting your property during spring cleaning, it is also a good time to make a note of any repairs that your building needs. Minor damages and issues tend to go unnoticed or ignored during busy periods, but they still need to be addressed eventually. By fixing any damages to your property, you can protect your investment and demonstrate that you care about your business.

Make the Switch to Green Cleaning

Although most business owners do not usually have the time to reconsider their approach to cleaning, springtime presents a great opportunity to do so. Now more than ever, consumers value businesses that emphasize environmentally friendly practices. With this in mind, you can increase confidence in your company by making the leap to green cleaning products.

Refresh Your Washrooms

Keeping your restrooms clean and sanitary is an essential part of running a business, but this does not prevent the need for occasional deep cleaning. If you are starting to plan your spring cleaning, then you should not underestimate the importance of thoroughly disinfecting your bathrooms.

Hire a Professional Janitorial Company

If it seems impossible to cover all of these areas with your spring cleaning, then J & J Janitor Service is here to help. Our certified cleaning company will be happy to take care of your spring cleaning and provide you with incredible results. Get in touch with us at (480) 242-7879 to schedule a deep cleaning for your business.